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Overcome Any Lighting Conditions by Anti-Flicker Technology

Light flicker is an obstacle to luminance measurement, and it can affect accuracy. Different scenarios have different light flicker conditions; some are good, while others are worse. With LIDlight's Anti-Flicker Technology, you can easily overcome these challenges.

Technical Data


0.1-50,000 nit

f=2.8~8 mm (F1.2~F1.95)

51°~144°(Horizontal) 39°~84°(Vertical)

±2% (@2856 K)



Gigabit Ethernet Interface

Product Description

Luminance Range

Varied Focal Length

Field of View

Luminance Accuracy

Luminance Linearity

Luminance Repeatability




The LIDlight ILM, based on the CIE Standard calculation, has a high degree of accuracy with measurements precise within +/- 2% at 2856K.

More Expandability

The LIDlight ILM offers expanded custom functions to best meet your needs.


ILM is very lightweight and portable, weighing only 623g. It is designed to be as easy to use as a camera.

One Shot

Single-shot measurement by LIDlight ILM eliminates the need for multiple measurements, providing all necessary data for lighting optimization.

How the ILM (Image Luminance Meter) Works

The LIDlight ILM is based on CIE Standard calculation and provides precise measurements of luminance. With its false color image analysis, data analysis has never been easier. The LIDlight ILM is also equipped with optional UGR calculation. By using varifocal lens, the LIDlight ILM meets various applications. Anti-flicker technology overcomes any lighting conditions for an efficient and effective reading. Ideal for luminaire, optical, and backlight indicators, as well as tunnel, roadway, building, and sign lighting.

The LIDlight ILM supports wireless transmission and can be equipped with an optional wireless module. With the wireless module, the ILM can be easily connected to computer devices via Wi-Fi, allowing for convenient setup and control at any time, from anywhere.

Wireless transmission
Wireless transmission2.png

ILM is not just a luminance measurement device, but also a security camera. Under normal conditions, the ILM can perform ANPR or surveillance. When luminance measurement is required, the ILM can switch to measurement mode to obtain luminance data and determine if luminaires need to be replaced."

Dual Mode

Security + Measurement


If the measurement point is far away, adjust to the telephoto angle.


If the measurement point is relatively close, adjust to the wide-angle.

Meet Various Applications By Using Varifocal Lens

The ILM is flexible and can be adjusted to fit different scenarios by using a varifocal lens. This means that you only need to bring one set to complete your tasks.

Partnering with Signify, we implemented 15 tunnel lighting systems, reducing costs by 10%, verification time by 50%, and power consumption by 70%.

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