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Liberating light to enhance life

and leave a lasting impression on the world.


Listen and delve deeper into understanding


Adapt creative ideas to achieve effective results in problem-solving


Designing every service and product to be delivered in the most efficient manner possible.

LIDlight is dedicated to using innovative lighting design to address human concerns and help people worldwide achieve success in the most effective and efficient way.

Value-adding with clients and partners

LIDlight adds value to our clients and partners throughout the lighting development process. We design highly-utilized products, plan efficient projects, and measure scenario quality. At any stage, we deliver maximum value with a comprehensive approach.

Security Lighting

By gaining a deep understanding of the camera, we design efficient lighting to provide excellent image quality.

General Lighting

LIDlight is committed to creating an enjoyable, comfortable, and healthy atmosphere.


To establish a foundation of comfort and safety, LIDlight offers devices and provides measurement services.


In 2014, LIDlight was a lighting business unit of VIVOTEK, a leading brand in global security surveillance. We assisted VIVOTEK in designing and integrating lighting technology into their cameras, successfully solving low-light issues for their customers.


Established in 2017, LIDlight is now a subsidiary of Delta Electronics, utilizing their expertise in lighting and mechatronics design to provide lighting products and services that address human concerns in security, general lighting, and luminance measurement markets.

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