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Say Goodbye to Lengthy Lighting Fixture Verifications: Achieve 50% Time Savings with LIDlight ILM

Are you tired of spending endless hours verifying lighting fixtures? Look no further! With our innovative Image Illuminance Meter (ILM), you can now save up to 50% of your verification time.

Traditional methods of verifying luminance of lighting fixtures require multiple measurements at different points, resulting in a time-consuming and labor-intensive process. However, our advanced ILM technology changes the game. By leveraging sophisticated backend software analysis and calculations, the ILM transforms measurement points into a projected plane. This means that you only need to measure once to obtain the full range of grayscale and average luminance within the measurement area.

you only need to measure once to obtain the full range of grayscale and average luminance within the measurement area with LIDlight ILM

At LIDlight, we have a proven track record of success. We partnered with industry leaders such as Signify to revolutionize their tunnel lighting inspection process. By implementing our ILM technology, Signify was able to reduce their verification time by an impressive 50%. This resulted in significant time and cost savings for their projects. Additionally, we collaborated with Qisda to enhance their lighting fixture inspection process, doubling its overall efficiency.

"We have experienced remarkable time savings in our lighting fixture development projects by utilizing LIDlight's ILM. The speed has increased by over 2 times compared to traditional handheld measurements.
Additionally, the convenience of not having to manually input data into Excel makes it much easier for us to compare multiple fixtures." - Robert Tsai, Optical Engineer at Qisda.

The benefits of using LIDlight ILM for lighting fixture verification are manifold. Not only does it significantly reduce the time and effort required, but it also ensures accuracy and consistency in your measurements. With our ILM, you can streamline your verification process, increase productivity, and achieve reliable results.

Imagine the efficiency gains and cost savings you can achieve by cutting your verification time in half. No more wasted hours on repetitive measurements! With the LIDlight ILM, you can focus your resources on other critical tasks while maintaining the highest standards of quality and compliance.

Don't miss out on this game-changing solution. Upgrade your lighting fixture verification process with LIDlight ILM and experience the benefits firsthand. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative technology can revolutionize your operations.

LIDlight - ILM made smarter, easier, and more efficient.


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