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Feedback the  real-time atmosphere base on WELL Building Standard with EML value

WELL Building Standard: support the health and well-being of your people and your organization.
The biological effects of light on humans can be measured in Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML)

Performance can be shot, ranked, and shared

.CSV for IOS

.XLS for Andriod

Real-time data presented as chart, and saved and shared as pictures in .PNG format

*Actual battery life depends on the performance of batteries you use. Results may vary.

*Batteries or Micro USB cable is not included in standard package.

How good is your lighting?

Measure it now!

LuxSeeker EML

Life.Lite. Accurate.

LIDlight's LuxSeeker is a smart light meter with high accuracy (± 5%) that is designed for those who are dedicated to impressing the world through lighting. It can capture both illuminance (lx) and color temperature (CCT) in real-time, rank value, and trend charts to your mobile device.

LuxSeeker EML. The new LuxSeeker EML version makes it easy to tell your clients what their current lighting atmosphere is like. In addition, it also provides lighting reference targets for designers according to different vibes and activities, more importantly, introduces a new generation of HCLighting (Human Centric Lighting) measurement unit - Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML). Equivalent melanopsin Lux EML integrates illuminance (lux) and color temperature (cct) as measures for visible light as a method to quantify the biological (melanopic) effect of lighting on humans. It can provide more basis for health. Comfortable. Ambient environment to customers.

LuxSeeker Series

Bluetooth Low Energy





Real time value

Rank quality


Trend  chart

Illuminance:  0-30,000 lx

CCT: 2,000-10,000

EML: 0-45,000 lx

Light. Thin. Portable

Batteries AAA x3 or Micro USB

Up to half year Battery life

With 2.8 x 2.8 x 0.95 in (72 x 72 x 24 mm)

Easy to carry

just weight as your watch about 1.4 oz.

Can't feel it


LuxSeeker packs high accuracy into just 1.4 oz. and with thin case 2.8 in diameter and 0.95 in thickness. It is easy to carry with you to any scenario by slip into your pocket or hang on your pant. And it has up to half year of battery life, LuxSeeker is your perfectly portable light meter.

Bring it whereever you need.


Power up + switch


Batteries AAA x3


Micro USB

to your mobile device


Easy connection to mobile devices


Obtain the real-time illuminance (lx) and CCT (K) data

Technical Data

Light meter class

Class AA of JIS C 1609-1:2006

Class AA of JIS C 1609-1:2006

Power Input

Batteries AAA x3/ Micro USB

Batteries AAA x3/ Micro USB


Bluetooth 5.0 and up

Bluetooth 5.0 and up

Requires Device

iOS: 12.0 and up,
Android 5.0 and up

iOS: 12.0 and up,
Android 5.0 and up

Measuring Range

Illuminance: 0-10,000 lx, Color temperature: 2,000-7,000 K

Illuminance: 0-30,000 lx, Color temperature: 2,000-10,000 K, Equivalent Melanopic Lux (EML): 0-45,000 lx




Other functions

Record snapshot with .CSV/.XLS output,
Trend charts for lux and CCT with .PNG output

Record snapshot with .CSV/.XLS output,
Trend charts for lux and CCT with .PNG output

Size (W x H x D)

2.8 x 2.8 x 0.95 in (72 x 72 x 24 mm)

2.8 x 2.8 x 0.95 in (72 x 72 x 24 mm)


1.4 oz. (40.8 g)

1.4 oz. (40.8 g)



LuxSeeker EML


Class AA

Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS) 

Meet most mandate with standard Class AA of JIS which is defined for use measuring illuminance in locations where reliable illuminance values are required. With high accuracy ± 5%, you can make sure all the values are in the same benchmark, anytime and anywhere.


Based on the provided information, LuxSeeker meets the definition of a smart light meter. Here's a detailed explanation for each item

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