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LIDlight ILM: Achieving 10% Cost Savings in Tunnel Lighting Systems

Discover how LIDlight ILM, the innovative Image Luminance Meter, can revolutionize your approach to tunnel lighting. With its ability to measure luminance levels in real-time without additional poles or wiring, LIDlight ILM can significantly reduce the overall cost of your tunnel lighting system while enhancing safety and driving comfort.


Introduction to LIDlight ILM

LIDlight ILM is a powerful tool that revolutionizes tunnel lighting systems. The Image Luminance Meter (ILM) provides a comprehensive analysis of the lighting system, including tunnel luminance and uniformity, to ensure optimal performance at minimal cost.

"LIDlight ILM gives us the ability to accurately measure tunnel luminance and uniformity to optimize our lighting design and reduce our overall costs. It truly is a game changer." - Sabrina Taiwan Signify's Key Account Manager

Save 10% of their overall project costs

LIDlight's ILM accurately measures luminance levels in real-time, without requiring additional infrastructure. Its image-based design offers powerful flexibility, with an adjustable field of view to fit different installation locations. This eliminates the need for extra poles, extensive wiring, and construction costs, resulting in precise measurements and a 10% cost savings compared to traditional luminance meters.

Safety and comfort of tunnel driving

Additionally, LIDlight's ILM provides highly accurate and precise measurements, which enable the tunnel lighting system to adjust brightness levels in real-time according to the level of sunlight outside the tunnel. This helps to ensure the safety and comfort of tunnel driving by reducing the potential hazards caused by significant differences in luminance between the inside and outside of the tunnel.


Discover how LIDlight ILM helped one customer achieve significant cost savings while improving their tunnel lighting system's efficiency and overall safety. This case study is a testament to the value of innovative technology in critical infrastructure projects and how LIDlight ILM can revolutionize the way you approach tunnel lighting.


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