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LED Intelligent Tunnel Lighting System - Signify X LIDlight


In recent years, the safety and comfort of tunnel driving have been increasingly emphasized, making the quality of tunnel lighting systems crucial. As a professional provider of tunnel lighting solutions, Signify is constantly innovating and improving. In recent years, Signify has collaborated with LIDlight, utilizing LIDlight's innovative brightness meter to enhance the safety and comfort of tunnel driving in Taiwan.

The lighting at the entrance of a tunnel is very important for drivers because it is their first impression when entering the tunnel. If the brightness at the entrance of the tunnel is too bright or too dim, it can cause visual adaptation problems, leading to blurry or dazzling vision, or the inability to adapt to the brightness changes inside and outside the tunnel, which can affect driving safety. Therefore, Signify has added LIDlight's Image luminance meter (ILM), to the tunnel lighting system.

CIE088 Tunnel Lighting Standard


LIDlight's ILM refers to the International Lighting Commission's CIE088 Tunnel Lighting Standard and provides luminance information to Signify's tunnel lighting system. It can dynamically adjust the brightness inside the tunnel according to the level of sunlight outside the tunnel, enabling drivers to quickly adapt to changes in light intensity when entering and exiting the tunnel and avoiding the potential traffic hazards caused by significant differences in luminance between the inside and outside of the tunnel. This application of the luminance meter makes Signify's tunnel lighting system a more intelligent and efficient solution.

image-based luminance meter

Regarding installation, ILM is an image-based luminance meter that can measure luminance more accurately and change its FOV according to different installation positions. It can also be easily operated with the back-end software setting, ignoring objects that may affect luminance judgment on-site, providing more comprehensive measurement results and more convenient operation during installation and construction.

Smart Solutions for Energy and Cost Savings

In addition, the energy-saving effect of this LED tunnel lighting solution is also very significant, reducing more than 50% of the total power consumption and actually reducing the actual power consumption by 70%, effectively achieving the goal of environmental protection and energy conservation. This highly efficient and energy-saving lighting solution not only reduces operating costs but also improves the overall quality of tunnel lighting.

In summary, as a professional provider of tunnel lighting solutions, Signify has been constantly innovating and improving. Through collaboration with LIDlight, who shares the same philosophy, Signify has made a positive contribution to the safety and comfort of tunnel driving. We believe that through continuous innovation and progress, tunnel lighting systems will bring a more comfortable and safe driving experience for people's daily lives.


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