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ILM - The Revolutionary Tool for Precise Luminance Measurement

Lighting design plays a crucial role in architecture and interior design, affecting not only the appearance and aesthetics of buildings but also the comfort and well-being of their users. Luminance, a key parameter in lighting design, impacts lighting effectiveness, energy efficiency, and visual health.

Too struggle to measure for handheld luminance meters

However, traditional handheld luminance meters on the market today can only measure luminance values at a single point, and they struggle to measure non-uniform surfaces or complex shapes, requiring a certain level of technical expertise to operate. Such measurement methods are flawed in terms of accuracy, measurement time, and range limitation, making image-based luminance measurement a trend in modern lighting design.

ILM (Image Luminance Meter)

ILM by LIDlight is a new, high-performance luminance measurement tool that uses image-based technology to provide accurate and precise measurements using just a photo. ILM eliminates the need for handheld measurements, making it easy to use and capable of measuring irregular surfaces and complex shapes. It comes equipped with a high-quality image sensor capable of capturing high-resolution images and professional software for analysis, delivering precise luminance measurements and evenness.

User-friendly and portable

In addition to its high precision and reliability, ILM is user-friendly and portable. It can be remotely controlled by linking it to a POE injector, allowing for quick and convenient data transmission and processing. Its lightweight design and sturdy casing make it ideal for monitoring and operation in various environments.

Abundant Success Stories

The LIDlight team has already used ILM to inspect over 50 road and tunnel lighting locations throughout Taiwan, including the famous Su-Hua Highway lighting inspection prior to its opening. ILM has also been installed at the entrances of several tunnels in Taiwan to monitor luminance values outside and inside the tunnel, facilitating adjustments to tunnel light brightness for a safe and comfortable driving experience.


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