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Achieve 10%+ Power Savings in Tunnel lighting with LIDlight's ILM Solution

When aiming to save energy consumption in tunnel lighting systems, the accuracy of luminance measurements becomes crucial. That's why at LIDlight, we follow the guidelines of the CIE88 standard, ensuring accurate measurements of L20 values. However, we understand that practical considerations, such as engineering constraints or environmental factors, may necessitate adjustments in the installation of luminance meters at the specified SSD position.

To address this challenge, we offer a powerful combination of ILMA software and our cutting-edge ILM equipment. This dynamic duo provides customizable analysis, allowing you to tailor your measurements for specific applications. With our software, you have the flexibility to exclude unnecessary zones, leading to even more accurate L20 luminance values.

Achieved over a 10% reduction in energy consumption

By minimizing measurement errors, our ILM solution empowers tunnel lighting control systems to optimize power consumption. In fact, our client Signify have achieved over a 10% reduction in energy consumption by leveraging the precision of our technology.

One common challenge in tunnel lighting is the presence of gantries, which can cause strong reflections and result in higher L20 luminance values. This often leads to the lighting system operating at a brighter stage and consuming more power. Traditionally, dimming levels of 10-20% were common to compensate for this. But with the power of ILM and ILMA, remarkable energy savings of over 10% are possible by avoiding erroneous object detection while still meeting L20 criteria. The comparison below showcases the significant energy savings achieved through our solution:

LIDlight ILM remarkable energy savings of over 10%

[Include a visual comparison showing the dimming level exceeding 10-20% without ILM (left) and the energy savings achieved by avoiding erroneous objects with ILM (right).]image is reference from RealTaste Of Malabar Vlogs and Recipes

With LIDlight ILM, you can take control of your lighting optimization efforts, ensuring accurate L20 values and significant energy savings. Contact us today to learn more about how our innovative solution can transform your tunnel lighting operations.

LIDlight - Illuminating the Path to Efficiency and Savings.


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