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Your Ultimate Lighting Companion for Video Creation

Are you a passionate filmmaker who wants to create visually stunning videos with natural and balanced color tones? Look no further! LuxSeeker, the cutting-edge color temperature and illuminance meter from LIDlight, is here to help you achieve professional lighting in your video productions.

Simplified Measurement of Color Temperature and Illuminance Levels

LuxSeeker is a powerful tool that allows you to easily measure color temperature and illuminance levels in your shooting environment. With its advanced features, LuxSeeker lets you store different readings from the same location for comparison, making it convenient to return to ideal lighting settings for specific events. No more guessing or trial-and-error when it comes to lighting your shots – LuxSeeker provides accurate and reliable measurements, giving you full control over the lighting conditions for your videos.

High Precision and Data Storage Capability

LuxSeeker allows you to store different readings from the same location for comparison and to return back to them later, especially when it's ideal lighting for a particular event. With its 95% accuracy that meets Class AA of JIS standards, LuxSeeker is the perfect tool for achieving accurate white balance. Its color temperature measurement helps you ensure that your videos have natural and balanced color tones, enhancing the overall visual quality of your footage.

Small in Size, Big in Convenience

Whether you are a professional filmmaker or a passionate hobbyist, LuxSeeker is a valuable tool in your arsenal for creating visually stunning videos. Its compact size allows for easy storage in the smaller pockets of your travel bag, making it the perfect companion for shooting in studios or on location. With LuxSeeker, you'll never have to worry about getting the perfect shot again.

Featuring convenient features, accurate measurements, and reliable performance, LuxSeeker empowers you to effortlessly create the ideal lighting environment for your video productions. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precise white balance and natural color tones. Elevate the overall visual quality of your footage with LuxSeeker, a trusted companion for all your video shoots.

Ready to elevate your filmmaking to the next level? Check out LuxSeeker at and experience the difference it can make in your video productions. Don't settle for subpar lighting environment – let LuxSeeker be your ultimate companion in achieving professional lighting in your videos!


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