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Introducing LIDlight: Your Expert in Tunnel Lighting Measurement

LIDlight: Your Expert in Tunnel Lighting Measurement

Meet Elvis: serve as a reviewer and consultant for government agencies

When it comes to tunnel lighting measurement, expertise matters. Meet Elvis, the Lighting Technology Manager at LIDlight. With nearly 15 years of experience in the lighting industry, Elvis has a comprehensive understanding of indoor, outdoor, and transportation lighting projects. Among them, road lighting and tunnel lighting stand out as his areas of specialization.

Elvis began his journey in the field of transportation lighting acceptance, gaining professional insights into acceptance methods and measurement equipment. Over time, he expanded his expertise to encompass various aspects of lighting projects, including planning lighting control systems, configuring electrical circuits, selecting luminaires, and conducting lighting software calculations. Recognized for his proficiency, Elvis has been invited multiple times to serve as a reviewer and consultant for government agencies.

Unparalleled Expertise in Taiwan: Over 50 Measurements and Consultations

In the Taiwanese lighting market, specialization is key. Tunnel lighting design adheres to the CIE88 (GUIDE FOR THE LIGHTING OF ROAD TUNNELS AND UNDERPASSES) standard, while measurement during project acceptance follows the CIE140 (Road Lighting Calculations) standard.

ILM: Elevating Tunnel Lighting Measurement Above Standards

Based on the requirements of CIE140 for road surface luminance measurement, observers need to position themselves approximately 60 meters away from the measurement area. Traditional single-point luminance meters suffer from significant inaccuracies due to factors such as distance and limited coverage. This is where our image-based luminance meter, ILM, shines. By capturing the test area in an image, precise luminance values can be calculated at any position, anytime, and anywhere. Not only does this improve accuracy, but it also significantly reduces on-site measurement time, enhancing project acceptance efficiency.

Position of calculation points in a driving lane

Furthermore, tunnel lighting control systems often utilize L20 luminance meters at the tunnel entrances. Traditional meters face limitations due to their narrow field of view (FOV), which restricts their installation options. In contrast, ILM, with its flexible adjustments based on tunnel conditions and installation positions, can be coupled with software settings to monitor specific areas. This makes it an excellent source for precise control signals in tunnel lighting systems.

tunnel lighting standard

Choose LIDlight for your tunnel lighting measurement needs and benefit from the expertise of Elvis, our Lighting Technology Manager. With our innovative image-based luminance meter and customizable software features, we are dedicated to helping you achieve accurate and efficient project success. Contact us today to discuss your tunnel lighting requirements.


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