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LIDlight's Elvis discussed the importance of lighting design and lighting technology in security

LIDlight’s lighting technical director Elvis, discussed the importance of lighting design and lighting technology in security surveillance at #THE 26TH SYMPOSIUM ON LIGHTING TECHNOLOGY AND MARKETING ACROSS THE TAIWAN STRAITS ZIGONG LIGHTING INDUSTRY MATCHING MEETING

This conference invited nearly 200 lighting experts, governments, industry associations, and well-known enterprises from both sides of the Taiwan Strait attended the meeting to promote the integration of the lighting industry and other fields with local governments and enterprises in Zigong City, and fully tap the latest information and research results of lighting technology.

Elvis talked about how LIDlight benefits security surveillance and security traffic through our lighting know-how (e.g. Panoramic Lighting Technology, CVA Tech, and smart image luminance meter) to help our clients succeed in the most effective and efficient way.

Lighting Environment Design

The Lighting Environment Design is a good way to plan the effective quantity and installation site for your project which not only can provide a clean image for any camera in your scenario but also be cost-effective. And with LIDlight’s Panoramic Lighting Tech and CVA Tech is more easily to construct it.

LPR/ANPR applications

In LPR/ANPR applications, CVA Tech can adjust the light to fit any camera FOV perfectly. Because the light is bundled in camera FOV, intensity even increases which can generate a clean image to improve the LPR recognition rate. CVA Tech is flexible for security in every scenario with any camera.

ILM (Image luminance meter)

Our new image luminance meter (ILM), it has dual mode. One is security surveillance or traffic, and the other is to measure luminance. In general conditions, ILM can execute surveillance or ANPR. When luminance measurement is needed, ILM can switch to measurement mode to get luminance data and determine whether luminaires need to change.


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