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Why lighting design matter in security

Useful image data is everything. One important factor to get clean image is decided by lighting. This is why to construct a security lighting environment is so important. stated by sale director Safin Yeh of LIDlight.

Here are some common issues affected by lighting

Glare/Light Leak Issue:

Light reflected by closer objects, such as camera dome cover, wall, flood, spider webs, etc.


Much individual light interacts with each other when they overlap.

individual light interact with each other

The way to overcome

Glare/Light Leak Issue:

The reflector object is easy to avoid by using an external illuminator and you don't need to take care of the spider webs because they will only be spinning on the illuminator.


Construct a lighting environment with external illuminators is the best way to avoid the worst image caused by multiple individual lights. (See a single illuminator for panoramic lighting)

LIDlight can plan the effective quantity and installation site for your project which not only can provide a clean image for any camera in your scenario but also be cost-effective. With a complete lighting environment, you can get any useful image you want at night, and besides, you don’t need to worry about the night vision, if you need to add other cameras in your scenario. Undoubtedly, it is easier to show your client the surveillance result.


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