LPR/ANPR Lighting - Up to 125 Miles

LPR/ANPR Lighting - Up to 125 Miles

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

Traffic LPR/ANPR is an application which need high intensity lighting at night to gain high recognition rate. LIDlight is dedicated to provide high effective intensity and uniformity lighting and also flexible to different installation scenario with easy to installation.

Flexible installation adaptability

by adjusting beam angle

Single Illuminator lighting for varifocal view

When installing camera the capture range is uncertainty, however most illumination of illuminators are fixed since they are fixed-angle. With LIDlight CVA Tech (Continuous Variable Angle Technology), you can flexible adjust lighting angle to fit your LPR/ANPR scenario.

Capture range from 10 ~ 70 m

Capture lanes from 1 ~ 3 lanes

Great image quality to capture every license plate

The lighting performance is important because it will effect the recognition rate of LPR/ANPR. With CVA Tech can fit any camera FOV and also provide high uniformity lighting.

Cost effective with high energy utilize 

LIDlight illuminator has higher brightness with less light waste

Fixed-angle illuminator need to use wider angle to cover small camera FOV to prevent dark-spot happen at the corner. CVA Tech can fit camera FOV which provide high energy utilize to gains in both brightness and energy saving and will result in an overall reduction in total system cost and improve recognition rate of LPR/ANPR. 

Capture Speed up to 125 miles

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