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General Lighting Stories - Showroom of VIVOTEK

The new showroom of VIVOTEK in Taiwan demonstrates VIVOTEK Group’s product. LIDlight LED lighting presents high color fidelity for the demonstration and also builds a visual comfort place for communication.

VIVOTEK Inc. was founded in February 2000. The Company markets VIVOTEK solutions worldwide and has become a leading brand in global security surveillance. In 2019, VIVOTEK continues to expand and also decides to build a new showroom. LIDlight plans the lighting project for the VIVOTEK showroom with the new linear light tube A60. A60 features high color fidelity and visual comfort for your exhibits and environment.

Elvis Chang discussed with VIVOTEK's general affairs personnel with the lighting design.

Cabinet LED lighting technology with visual comfort and fidelity

In traditional, cabinet lighting generally uses symmetric illumination since it is a more common option. In fact, more studies show there is a connection between lighting and human impressions. Undoubtedly, changing the lighting produced will also change the human mood (e.g. exciting/gloomy, pleasant/unpleasant, relaxing/distressing, etc.) Therefore, the concepts of lighting design are more emphasize the importance of human orientation.

A60 designed in new technology via asymmetric distribution(beam angle 120°*60°) and illuminated uniformly into the demonstration area of the cabinet with a load of 4.3W per foot to offer adequate Illuminance. By contrast, A60 has great glare control without any unnecessary light which will affect human eye fatigue to create a visual comfort space for the showroom.

" Showroom plays a big role in driving decisions for customers. We want to participate in a crucial moment by creating a comfortable scenario for demonstration and communication. "

Elvis Chang, lighting technical director of


A60 LED Linear light with easy install and expand


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