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General Lighting Stories - Taipei Main Station

Taipei Main Station was built in 1989,it is not only a major transport hub located in Taipei, Taiwan,it’s also historical landmark. It is served by Taiwan High Speed Rail, the Taiwan Railways Administration, and the Taipei Metro. It is also connected through underground passageways to the terminal station of Taoyuan Airport MRT and the Taipei Bus Station.

Original Station Lighting Conditions

As reported in 2013, Taipei Main Station was top 25 rank of crowded station in the world, it has 50 thousand streams of people in a day. Therefore passengers are hardly to find the way to their direction. The only way to reach destination is follow the signs or instructions, however there have so many things can be distractions (e.g., other passengers, advertisements, irrelevant signs, ect.). The way to solve this issue is to spotlight the useful information. Elvis Chang lighting technical director of LIDlight, “To spot a object is easy but it is more significant to build a comfort place to improve people’s mood in nowadays disturbed society.”

"Our goal was to let every passenger can easily follow the signs or instructions in visual comfort place"

Elvis Chang, lighting technical director of


LIDlight general lighting A60 ON/OFF

before and after

A60 LED Linear Asymmetric Distribution Light from LIDlight

A60 has asymmetric uniform distribution can effectively illuminate the subject without having unnecessary waste. Moreover, it has good glare control to provide eyes friendly environment. “A good lighting is not only having high energy utility but also need to provide a visual comfort place to every people around.” stated by lighting technical director Elvis Chang.


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