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General Lighting Stories - a high-performance place for Chang Hyuk library

The students feel tired and eyestrain easily which is caused by insufficient light, and it has a strong impact on learning efficiency. LIDlight proposes the solution of creating an efficient environment where students can feel comfortable and improve study productivity.

A60 LED Linear Asymmetric Distribution Light from LIDlight

Proper lighting can significantly improve the performance of learning. LIDlight’s linear A60 has an asymmetric uniform distribution on the entire surface of the table. In addition, it can avoid the reflective glare from the table to students’ eyes.

The proposition of A60 is to provide excellent glare control and uniform illumination for the place where needs both visual comfort and efficient lighting.

LuxSeeker verified the atmosphere was in the right mood.

LuxSeeker helps designers determine whether desired lighting result was achieved. In this project, the average illuminance around 1500 lux, and the color temperature of 4000 K for the best effective study environment. LuxSeeker is a lite light meter with high accuracy (± 5%), and it has a snapshot record function that includes lux and CCT data in time via your mobile device. “LuxSeeker is an accessible and accurate light meter, it makes the lighting design process pretty easy to accomplish.”

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