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LIDlight A60 Linear Lighting Tube

Large rectangle illumination with asymmetrically uniform distribution

Linear Light A60 for under cabinet, shelf for store/ kitchen, and wall washer application

A60 linear lighting tube, with Asymmetrically optical design (beam angle 120°*60°) which has uniform illumination with high utilization for under cabinet, shelf for store/ kitchen and wall washer. Additionally, the precise light distributions provide high visual comfort which has drawn more and more attention to people who care about their eye health. Linear shape presented rectangular illumination which has more efficiency than circular pattern, also more easy to combine and design.

A60 Asymmetrically Illumination

To present color fidelity of object, LIDlight design in Lumileds LEDs with CRI Ra>90 (Ra = 91.5) for high-quality color rendering, and besides, A60 also has great value in TM30-15 (Rf = 90.1, Rg = 100.0) which published in 2015 by IES, it is another professional standard for fidelity, gamut, and graphical reference.

LIDlight A60 in Miniatures Museum of Taiwan
A60 in Miniatures Museum of Taiwan

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