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Updated: Oct 22, 2019

A new residential locate at New Taipei City which used LIDlight linear light tube A60 to illuminate for cabinets and ceiling with effective illumination and visually relaxed surrounding.

Living room is the centre of residential. Therefore, how to create a relax and pleasant place is the goal of interior designer. Lighting design is important part of the interior architecture since lighting produced significant changes for people’s impressions and also illuminated for visual performance. In common design, living room light consists of direct light for basic illumination and indirect light for atmosphere surrounding.

Uniform, efficient light for comfort atmosphere of residential

Huang’s living room adopted a ceiling light with adjustable color temperature for direct light which can set the comfort illuminance value for the visitors. On the other hand, indirect light is illuminated by LIDlight linear light tube A60 in warm white light (3000K). A60’s design is in the professional optics via asymmetric distribution (beam angle 120°x60°) ,which can illuminate uniform and wider, and provide efficient ambient lighting and representing in relax and pleasant atmosphere.

Comfort, extension light for neutral displays of Cabinet

Cabinet is the one of key visual design in living room, representing collection and memories of host. Which is used LIDlight A60 to show a lively and personalized stereo light affected by its flexible arrangement and asymmetric illumination. Furthermore, A60 has high quality color rendering index(CRI>90) for providing a neutral ambience. Asymmetric distribution expands the light effectively into the cabinet with visual extension and great glare control and also both energy efficiency and visual comfort.

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