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Measure your light with ease

Measuring light is a significant key factor of the work acceptance process because it is the only way to know whether the luminaires are performing as expected or not. A light meter is a device used to measure the amount of light. And it is essential to have a standard classification and portable features when choosing the device.

LIDlight’s LuxSeeker - BLE light meter, which complies with the standard class AA of JIS to make a precision measurement of light. JIS is the most commonly recognized international standard for the photometer’s classification, and class AA is the Instruments that are used in illuminance measurement in lighting locations where illuminance values are required to exhibit a certain degree of reliability.

Most of the light meters on the market that combines sensors with the display. And they need an extension cord for measurement to prevent the shadow of the user or reflections from objects that do not affect the result. Meanwhile, some people use an extension cord to connect between the meter and a computer to save data.

Unlike other Instruments, LuxSeeker only has the sensor part. The advantage of this design is information that can be displayed on your mobile devices via Bluetooth without the limitation of the space. It can also reduce the size and weight by 30% and 18% separately to make the light meter more portable.

Moreover, LuxSeeker APP can support real-time multiple points data save and share, to make sure the results of illuminance/cct and uniformity are matched to the original plan. Meanwhile, your clients can receive the results immediately, and more importantly, it can decrease the communication cost.

Low effort! Low communication cost!


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