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LIDlight Illuminator Reliable Casing

LIDlight illuminators designed to withstand rain and dust and high-pressure water jets from any direction while IK10-rated housing provides protection against the vandal act and impact.

Extreme Weather Proof:

  • Solid Particle Protection IP6X

  • Liquid Ingress Protection IPX6/IPX8

  • Protect against vandalism -IK10 test

Withstand rain and dust – IP68

The test in SGS Reliability Laboratory, LIDlight illuminators can against access to hazardous parts and against solid foreign objects.

Withstand vandal act and impact – IK10

The testing point in SGS Reliability Laboratory

LE32 with Vandal-proof IK10-rated testing

In security, the burglar will try to damage the camera or illuminator before the crime, hence to operate under destruction is essential. This is why even LIDlight economic illuminator LE32 series still providing IK10 casing.


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