Liberating the light to create wonderful life
and impress the world

LIDlight dedicates to liberating intractable human concerns through Innovation lighting Design to help people worldwide reach success in the most effective and efficient way. 


Listen and Dig into understanding


Adapt creative ideas to get

effective results


Design every service and products to reach efficient way

Value-adding with clients and partners

LIDlight added value with our clients and partners through the lighting development process. We design high-utilization products, plan efficiency projects, and measure the quality of the scenario. No matter at which stage we can deliver maximum value with a more comprehensive view.


LIDlight design a CVA Tech and Lighting Environment Design to help our clients more flexible to fit any scenario and also gain more power for clean results.

General Lighting

LIDlight is dedicated to building the foundation of high color fidelity for the demonstration and also build a visual comfort place for communication.


To build the foundation of comfort and safety, LIDlight provides devices and participates in measurement service. We believe the only way to design a suitable product is to dig into the customer's job. Moreover, we offer a high-cost performance device for our clients. Together, we build a comfortable world. 


LIDlight used to be a lighting BU in leading brand VIVOTEK in global security surveillance in 2014 who helped VIVOTEK design and integrate the lighting technology into their cameras which were successful to solve the low light issue for their customers. LIDlight established in 2017, is a subsidiary company of Delta electronics. By leveraging in with lighting and mechatronics design expertise, LIDlight provided the lighting products and services to solve the human concerns in security, general lighting and luminance measurement market.

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Mechatronics Expert
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