General Lighting Stories - High productivity factory

General Lighting Stories - High productivity factory


LIDlight A60 High productivity factory

OHGA’s factory has adopted a new lighting solution from LIDlight. A60 LED linear tubes meet all the requirements of the assembly plant. Outstanding quality of light and flexible installation create a high productivity environment.

The original design used to place lamps on top of Shelves. However, the illumination on the work surface may be blocked due to the arrangement between light source, layers, and operators. Insufficient light might cause a lot of problems, such as feel fatigue, eyestrain, and headache.

LIDlight A60 High productivity and visual comfort

The new lighting solution from LIDlight’s A60 adopts the asymmetric uniform distribution lighting technology with sufficient lighting and visual comfort. Illuminated vertical orientation is controlled within 60 degrees which cleverly avoids the reflective glare to the operator’s eyes directly and provides uniform horizontal illumination to work surfaces.

LIDlight A60 more effective for factory
“It is simple to assemble and package things, especially when we solder PCBs. Thanks to the visual comfort design, operators are more effective than ever ” Mick Chen, R&D Supervisor of OHGA SMARTTHINGS.

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