Luminance Measurement

Make a comfort place by monitoring luminance 

Build the foundation of comfort place with LIDlight

From Luminance Meter to Luminance Measurement, LIDlight provides all-round service that easily comply with standards.

Image Luminance Meter

Easily to monitor and deploy your environment/ luminaire through luminance data, luminance uniformity and unified glare rating (UGR) by just taking one picture.

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Luminance Measurement

Fast measuring luminance & uniformity from Traffic, Luminaire, Optical, Backlight, Indicator with data analytics and your other strategic initiatives. 

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Why Luminance Matters

– With standard level of luminance can make sure human safety with no disability glare and discomfort glare

– Comfortable light with low glare can improve the working performance
– Comfortable light can also bring a good mood to your client

Luminance had positive correlation with eyes comfort

Human Safety


Eyes Comfort

Human Performance

Human Mood